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Welcome to the official web site of the LSU School of Human Resource Education's Human Resource and Leadership Development Program. We look forward to helping you advance in this exciting field.

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B.S. Program

 The B.S program strongly accentuates practical application of methods derived from education and training, and HRD research. Achieving organizational goals through current HRD practices receives strong emphasis as the student moves through the program. Practical experience through internships and the involvement of practicing professionals form the surrounding business and government community reinforces the accent on the application of Human Resource and Leadership Development knowledge. 
Students have the flexibility to tailor a course of study to meet career objectives. Within the HRLD curriculum, student may choose 3 primary areas of specialization: organizational HRD, E-learning, and organizational consulting. Students may also choose a secondary specialization in adult literacy, international, aging populations, or community development.

Faculty advisors exert critical influence over the student's college experience. Commensurate with the school's philosophy of maximum student involvement in degree program design, the student is expected to take a significant role in selecting a faculty member to fill this position. The faculty advisor assumes responsibility for guidance and supervision of the student's program of study. The advisor assists in identification of appropriate coursework and practical experiences to meet the student's career objectives.

Highlights include:
  • a general education core to provide a broad foundation
  • large number of content specialization areas
  • accommodates both working practitioners and traditional students
  • a flexible curriculum to meet career objectives

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